Emergency Care

Arrow® EZ-IO Intraosseous Vascular Access

The Arrow® EZ-IO Intraosseous Vascular Access System from Teleflex is a fast, safe and effective solution in emergency situations.

The EZ-IO® System is indicated anytime vascular access is difficult to obtain in emergent, urgent, or medically necessary cases for up to 24 hours and provides peripheral venous access with central venous catheter performance.

Hamilton Medical

Ventilation Solution Provider - from the clinical to mobile ICU.

Hamilton Medical specialises in the design and development of ventilation equipment for patients ranging from neonates to adults. Innovative Intelligent Ventilation Solutions such as Adaptive Support Ventilation (ASV®), invented by Hamilton Medical, are part of their mission to deliver a unique combination of ease of use, improved patient outcome and efficiency through innovation


Aerogen are the world’s leading manufacturer & distributor of high performance aerosol drug delivery technology throughout the hospital.

Their breakthrough palladium vibrating mesh technology is sold in over 75 countries worldwide and has treated over 4.5 million patients.

Aerogen works across all therapies for ventilated and non-ventilated patients, (HFNC, NIV, MV, HFOV, Spontaneous breathing) ensuring effective treatment of patients within ICU, ED, General Wards and the Paediatric department.

Stihler Electronic

Stihler are a highly reputable manufacturer within the medical profession, and are known for their leading blood and infusion warming devices and patient warming solutions.

Their Astotherm Plus range warm infusions and transfusions at the fastest flow rates to protect patients from hypothermia in intensive care. In addition their extremely popular Astopad system which provides safe and cost effective patient warming helps to provent hypothermia and pressure sores during/post surgery, consequently reducing post-operative receovery time.

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